• Brocha Achrona

Brocha Achrona

1. To recite a brocha after eating bread or cake one must have eaten a k’zayis. This is the equivalent of the volume of displacement of an olive in liquid. The sforim suggest this to be an ounce or ounce and a half of solid food or a half a slice of regular bread.
2. The Mishna Brura points out that it has become the custom to include in this measurement all the spices, etc. and not just the dough portion. He leans more to the idea of just measuring the amount of dough.
3. In siman 210, however, he quotes an opinion that if one had less than a k’zayis of bread but dipped it into wine in which the absorbed wine completes the k’zayis, this is considered a full measure. It would seem that the previous case is referring to dough which has an abundance of spices, etc. and for this reason he suggests that we only measure the dough.
4. In any event, if we were to only measure the dough portion, the following Halacha could result. Since one of the ingredients in the dough is flour, the first brocha is mezonos or hamotzi. However, since the total amount of dough eaten is not a k’zayis, the brocha achrona is not required. However, since in total a k’zayis is eaten of flour, sugar, spices, etc. a borei nefashos would be said.
5. A similar case could be the following: One eats cholent with not a great deal of barley in it. However, since the brocha of mezonos on the barley takes precedence, no brocha is recited on the beans, potatoes and meat. However, if one does not eat a k’zayis of barley but in total eats a k’zayis of the food he would say borei nefashos.
6. Likewise, if one ate pie with a small amount of crust, he would recite mezonos since this takes precedence, but afterwards if he did not eat a k’zayis of crust, he would say borei nefashos.
7. In light of the halacha that if one eats a piece of bread to temper the extreme saltiness of a certain food he need only say a brocha on the food item and the bread would be exempt, R’ Moshe ‘z”l adds that if between the two there is one k’zayis, one would say a borei nefashos. This is in keeping with our previous rulings.
8. Another controversial issue in brocha achrona is the amount of time in which one needs to drink a hot liquid such as tea in order to be required to say a brocha achrona. One opinion equates the time allotment to the time one has to eat solid foods. If so, then one would have, at least, a few minutes to do this. Others, however, are of the opinion that one should drink the approximately four ounces in one or two gulps.
9. The Mishna Brura does not seem to render a final decision. He does suggest, however, that one could allow the necessary amount of tea to cool, which could then be swallowed quickly, and by doing so avoid all problems. Some of the Sifrei Brochos suggest that if one does not do this, a brocha achrona is dispensed with. The Sefer Tshuvos ViHanhagos feels that even the Chofetz Chaim would require a brocha achrona. In the Mishna Brura he is just suggesting a path to avoid the controversy.
10. It would seem the custom of most people is to recite a brocha achrona after coffee and tea.