• Hilchos Sfiras HaHomer

Hilchos Sfiras HaHomer

1. One can hear the brocha from another person, answer amain and count s’fira himself. In an emergency he can even hear the counting itself from another person.
2. Many suggest that even those women who wish to count the omer should not do so with a brocha.
3. One must know the meaning of the words he says or else it is not counting.
4. If one cannot stand, he may sit and count s’fira.
5. At the moment one recites the brocha he should already know the counting, not wait until he hears it from another person.
6. The custom is to say יהי רצון שיבנה בית המקדש (yehi rotzon sheyibone Bais haMikdosh) after the counting. This is a hope that we soon will be able to count it with the offering of the omer.
7. If one counted the days but forgot the weeks, count again without a brocha. If he didn’t he may still count the rest of the days.
8. If the congregation counts at a time which is earlier than one usually counts, he should count with them without a brocha and stipulate to himself, that if he forgets to count later with a brocha, this first counting should suffice.
9. Friday night we usually count a little earlier.
10. If someone would ask his friend what is the count tonight and the friend would answer “today is so and so in the omer” he perhaps forfeited the brocha. Therefore, the custom is to say “yesterday was so and so”. This, of course, only applies at the time when it is possible to count.