• The Simcha of a Wedding

The Simcha of a Wedding

1. The Shabbos before the wedding we bring the “choson” to shul and he receives an aliya. The reason is so the people will rejoice in another person’s simcha. In the Bais HaMikdosh there was a special entrance for the “chasanim”.
2. He also receives a second aliya after the wedding to represent the fact that he is likened to a king, and must “write” two sifrei Torah.
3. The choson and kallah fast on the day of the wedding to realize the fact their sins are able to be forgiven on that day.
4. The choson covers the face of the kallah with a veil before the actual chuppah as we find a reference to a “covering” by Rivka and by Rus.
5. Just as HaShem “escorted” Adam Harishon, we escort the choson and kallah to the chuppah.
6. We light candles to remember the “wedding” of the Bnei Yisroel and the Torah which involved “lights”.
7. If, G-d forbid, a parent is not alive, many have the custom to recite a memorial prayer for it is written that the neshomos of the deceased attend the wedding.
8. We strive to make the chuppah under the stars of the heaven to indicate a brocho that they should have many children “as the stars in heaven”.
9. Some place ash upon the head of the choson to remind us of the lack of complete simcha due to the “churban Bais Hamikdosh”.
10. It is customary for the audience to stand during the ceremony to give honor to the occasion.
11. Although any item of value could be used, the custom is that the choson gives the kallah a ring which she will wear and is a sign that she is a married woman.
12. A glass is broken to remind us of the “churbon” and also of the solemnity of the occasion.
13. Now that the choson and kallah are compared to a king and queen, the next seven days they are always escorted on their way wherever they go.
May we see much simcha in our time